Richard O'Rawe

Richard O'Rawe was born into the Lower Falls area of Belfast and experienced the full force of the civic unrest that enveloped Northern Ireland for thirty years. In 2005, he wrote his first book Blanketmen. It was a political book about the 1981 IRA/INLA hunger strike and was an Irish best-seller. Richard's second book was written in 2010 and was entitled Afterlives. Then he wrote In the Name of the Son, in 2017. This was a biography of Richard's life-long friend, Gerry Conlon, of the Guildford Four. His first novel, Northern Heist was published in 2018 by Merrion Press. Richard is currently working on his second novel Goering’s Gold. He has a penchant for red wine, independent thinkers, and good food.