Frankie McGowan

Frankie’s career began on teenage magazines before joining Fleet Street writing features. Later as a magazine editor, she launched and edited New Woman and Top Sante and was twice nominated as Editor of the year, before switching to writing novels which include: Another Way (Ellie), Chasing Shadows (Out There), My Mother's Wedding, Unfinished Business published by HarperCollins, A Kept Woman published by Victor Gollanz - which went to #1 on ebooks in Australia - and A Better Life (Orion).

All were very favourably reviewed by women’s magazines and book sections of national newspapers. Frankie has had two novella’s published A Family Affair and The Italian Lesson, the latter of which went to #1 on ebooks in Australia. As well as fiction, she has also had published a non-fiction book on women returning to work and two anthologies of celebrity stories, both serialised in national newspapers. Her short stories have been published in a variety of magazines, including You, (Mail on Sunday) Women’s Own, Home and Life, Image (published in Ireland), The Lady and Woman’s Weekly. More recently, she has adapted A Kept Woman into a screenplay (re-titled Last Seen) and is working on her tenth novel A Short Break. Her entire backlist was recently re-published as e-Books by Endeavour Media and are regularly in the top 100 Bestseller lists on Amazon. A Single Journey is her latest book published by Endeavour Quill in May 2018.