Mark McCrum

Mark McCrum began his career as a travel writer, with well-received books about Southern Africa (Happy Sad Land), Australia (No Worries) and Ireland (The Craic). A continuing interest in people in unusual settings then led him to document the UK’s first two Reality TV series, 1900 House and Castaway 2000 (both top ten bestsellers).

He then accepted an invitation to write about Robbie Williams on his sellout ‘Sermon on the Mount’ tour of Europe, which became the no 1 bestseller  Somebody Someday. Mark’s next book was Going Dutch In Beijing, a light-hearted account of the differences in etiquette around the world. After that came Walking With The Wounded, which told the powerful story of four wounded soldiers and their successful attempt to reach the North Pole.

He has also ghostwritten for subjects ranging from legendary TV explorer Bruce Parry (Tribe) to survivors of forced marriage (Jack and Zena), amongst nameless others. 

Most recently, Mark has turned to crime, with two well-received whodunnits: The Festival Murders and Cruising to Murder, of which the Daily Mail wrote, ‘it has a charm and wit that the mistress of crime herself might admire’.