Jonathan Gash

Jonathan Gash is the author of the hugely successful Lovejoy novels that were adapted into the long-running BBC series. He recently retired after a long career as a doctor, where he specialized in tropical medicine and toured the world lecturing on the subject. Originally from Lancashire he is married with three daughters and four grandchildren and currently lives in Colchester. He lists his hobbies as antique collecting and his family.

NOVELS BY JONATHAN GASH Lovejoy Novels The Judas Pair Gold from Gemini The Grail Tree Spend Game The Vatican Rip Firefly Gadroon The Sleepers of Erin The Gondola Scam Pearlhanger The Tartan Ringers Moonspender Jade Woman The Very Last Gambado The Great California Game The Lies of Fair Ladies Paid and Loving Eyes The Sin Within Her Smile The Grace in Older Women The Possessions of a Lady The Rich and the Profane A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair Every Last Cent The Ten Word Game Faces in the Pool Doctor Clare Novels Different Women Dancing Prey Dancing Die Dancing Bone Dancing Blood Dancing Other Novels The Year of the Woman Finding Davey As Jonathan Grant The Shores of Sealandings Storms at Sealandings Mehala, Lady of Sealandings As Graham Gaunt The Incomer.

In 2019, Lovejoy was acquired for adaptation by Blue Sky Pictures 33 years after it was first broadcast to be "updated for the 21st Century".