Caroline England

Manchester-based CWA Dagger shortlisted Caroline England is known as the ‘Duchess of dark domestic noir’. Her debut psychological thriller, BENEATH THE SKIN, was published in 2017, and she has since written the top ten ebook bestseller MY HUSBAND'S LIES, BETRAY HER, TRUTH GAMES and THE SINNER. Her latest dark domestic suspense, THE STRANGER BESIDE ME, is out in August 2023.

Caroline also pens gothic-tinged psychological thrillers as CE Rose. Stand alone THE HOUSE OF HIDDEN SECRETS was followed by THE HOUSE ON THE WATER'S EDGE, THE SHADOWS OF RUTHERFORD HOUSE and THE ATTIC AT WILTON PLACE.

Both Caroline and CE write multi-layered, dark and edgy ‘domestic suspense’ stories that delve into complicated relationships, secrets and the moral grey area. Drawing on her days as a divorce and professional indemnity lawyer, she loves to create ordinary, relatable characters who get caught up in extraordinary situations, pressures, dilemmas or crime. She admits to a slight obsession with the human psyche, what goes on behind closed doors and beneath people’s façades. She also enjoys performing a literary sleight of hand in her novels and hopefully surprising her readers!