Franziska Thomas

In 1992, Franziska Thomas had her first seizure and her whole world was turned upside down – literally. In Fits and Starts, Franziska gives a compelling personal description of living with epilepsy, an illness shrouded in secrecy and antiquated myths. Laden with self-deprecating humour, she describes her own coming of age – as an epileptic, a teacher, and ultimately, a mother. Alternately stubborn and mischievous, down trodden and determined, Franziska remains ever hopeful despite the constant set-backs and instinctively refuses to conform to the role the outside world has chosen for her. This searingly honest and thought-provoking memoir is the story of the author's fits, injuries, and detrimental memory loss. Winner of prestigious annual awards including the 2022 Audio Award, One Voice Award and New York Radio Award and shortlisted for the 2022 Audie Award.

Franziska has previously worked as a journalist, but for the last 20 years has spent most of her time teaching History and Humanities in various inner-city London comprehensives. Her podcast The Tuesday Epilepsy Club has remained Spotify’s Top Epilepsy podcast for over a year and is the basis for her next book. Articles featuring Franziska’s journey with Epilepsy have appeared in Woman’s Own, The Independent, Radio Four with Jane Garvey, BBC News, & The Observer amongst others. She lives in London with her husband Tim, their children Oskar and Kurt, and two misbehaving Maine Coons.