Sophie Morris

Sophie is an introvert coach, mentor and advocate. She has worked with clients across a range of backgrounds and ages, and is a frequent guest on podcasts, at live events/summits and panels, and provides school visits. She has been included on Matthew Pollard's 2021 international list of inspirational introvert coaches.

Her passion is all things introversion and her mission is to educate people about what introversion really is (and isn’t) so that life becomes easier for all.

Sophie's book Introversion Uncovered has been bought by Bloomsbury. Around 50% of the population are classified as introverts, but they are made to feel like the minority. By using a mix of her own experience, case studies and interviews with other introverts and their friends and families, Sophie helps readers reassess everything they may have thought about introversion in the past. They will learn how to harness their introvert strengths and skills to help them succeed on their own terms, without having to shout.