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1. Please fill in all the fields.
2. Documents to be submitted in MS Word format (.doc / .docx) only.
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4. Complete the submission within 10 minutes, so prepare the text for the biography and synopsis beforehand and paste into the boxes.

Finally if there are any issues in uploading the information, you will need to contact our service provider on the following email address: The tech team will endeavour to solve your issue and ensure we receive your manuscript. Web Site Administration

Reminder - Please rename and keep the file name simple ie FirstThreeChapters.docx.
This ensures file names are saved without special characters such as a ampersand, full stop, comma or an apostrophe within the file name before upload. The is referenced to your submission id and upload date so we know what it is and who it is from.
A successful submission will result in a Green 'success' message.