Founded in 1997, Coombs Moylett Maclean is a leading international literary agency based in the UK. We represent a wide range of best-selling and award-winning authors and writers. We pride ourselves on discovering and nurturing talented newcomers and taking established writers to a new level of recognition.  

We carefully select our writers, with a focus on outstanding writing and original storytelling. We are interested in commercial and literary fiction; crime and thrillers, women’s, children and young adult fiction. And in non-fiction, we are interested in politics, history, current affairs, biography and self-help. Please see our submission guidelines for further details.

We work in association with a number of international agencies and scouts, and handle translation, US, film and TV sales for all our clients.

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By Our Authors...

Northern Heist

Former Irish Republican Army bank robber O’Rawe (Afterlives: The Hunger Strike and the Secret Offer That Changed Irish History) makes his fiction debut with a riveting crime thriller loosely based on the unsolved bank robbery that nearly undermined the Good Friday Agreeme...

Our Authors

Anna Maconochie

Anna was born in and raised in London. She graduated from the London School of Economics with a B...

Helen Lederer

Helen is probably best known for her role as the dippy Catriona in Absolutely Fabulous

Chris Stokel-Walker

Chris is a highly sought-after freelance journalist, regularly contributing to the BBC,

Hannah Sunderland

Hannah Sunderland was born and bred in Sutton Coldfield, north of Birmingham, where she still liv...

Catriona McPherson

Catriona McPherson writes a series of 1920/30s detect...

Leye Adenle

Leye Adenle, winner of the first ever Prix Marianne in 2016, is a Nigerian writer living and work...

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Coombs Moylett Maclean Literary Agency sells directly to most territories throughout the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States. We are represented in Germany by the Michael Meller Literary Agency and in Japan and China by Tuttle Mori/Big Apple.
We handle all TV and Film rights.